Most Painful Run Yet…


D-Rock and I set out for our second run on our quest for marathon training. We left the office a few minutes early and headed to Masterson Station park for our 4 miler. Keep in mind, I had no intention of running outdoors today because Zach bailed on me for running tonight so I was going to knock out my 4 miles at the gym during lunch. Anyway, I digress…I had no gear for outdoor running just a cutoff T and some b-ball shorts…D hit me with a long sleeve under armour shirt and I was ready. Have you ever wondered why you weren’t the guy that came up with tight fitting clothing so you could make millions? Oh well.

The 4-miler up at Masterson is a good run, but I didn’t think so starting off considering we start off up hill. We made it up the hill and past the dog park, no problem…we were running by the Lexington Parks and Rec office when I saw an obstacle that I wanted to try to overcome, I made one approach on their mailbox and decided I could make it…I can only imagine what D was thinking when I sprinted up toward it and then turned around, not to mention the bystanders at the P&R office. So on my second pass I went for it, slammed my right leg, spun around crashed my left leg into the edge of the box opening an existing wound (see picture) and then planting my left shoulder in the soft grass/mud…needless to say it was priceless. I would give anything to have that one on video so I could put it on youtube. Bummer. This all has Zachpot to blame seeing as he was the one that wouldn’t run with me after work. Thanks Zach.

The rest of the run was fairly uneventful, we made it no problem with little soreness thus far and we even picked up the pace towards the end of the run because the uphill start we had became the downhill finish. A nice run overall.


Leg Injury


2 Responses to “Most Painful Run Yet…”

  1. 1 papacrouse

    Gotta give you props on that attempted hurdle about two miles in…I would’ve shown you how it’s done, but my stomach was hurting from laughing my ass off. You really made the Parks and Recreation employees’ day. They were laughing uncontrolably in the parking lot. Besides the yellow arm pit stains, I now have another reason for not buying another white under armor shirt…the mud from where you planted your shoulder in the ground will forever be a part of the shirt…some kind of chemical reaction must have taken place.

    By the way, thanks for the playlist for my ipod….nothing like a christmas song chiming in on the last big hill to pump you up!!! I should get to subtract about 30 seconds from my pace for that 😉

    Enjoyed the experience.


  2. 2 zachjacobs

    You’re welcome 🙂

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