Run Monkey Run!


If you are looking for a story as exciting as me doing a gainer off the P&R mail receptacle, go ahead and point your browser elsewhere. This one is actually about my progress as a runner. Originally I had planned on running back in Lawrenceburg tonight with my two roommates. However, the weather didn’t seem like it was going to cooperate (tornado warnings and whatnot all day). The radar looked like Kermit the Frog all day, and didn’t look any better for tonight. That’s green, for people who don’t get jokes, and that means there’s a lot of rain in the area for people who have never heard the word doppler before. SO…I decided to go to Gold’s Gym…errr…umm…Urban Fitness for a nice little treadmill run. I went in, where I had to wait in line to report my presence, grabbed a piece of sandpaper (towels are NOT that soft there, get some Downey people) and off I went to the locker room. Got my clothes changed and my nano strapped on my arm (my right one, if you were wondering). ALL the treadmills were taken, well not ALL of them, but the one that was open was non-functional (can we get an ‘out of order’ sign please)…I was one of 12 people, I counted them because the next treadmill to open was the one right next to it, hard telling how many people tried before me.

As for the run…I started off at a pretty steady pace, I guess you could call it a ‘medium pace’ if you considered a low pace being 5 miles per hour and a fast pace being 9 miles per hour. That’s 7mph for all you non-math people. My run went really well, the soreness in my right leg wasn’t an issue and my stamina was more than sufficient for the distance and speed. I ended up slowly speeding up to a final speed of 8mph by about the 2.8 mile mark. I’ll have my run on my Nike+ site tomorrow morning but I ran a sub 9min mile, which I’m pretty proud of. Overall, good run…I was bored with staring at myself in the window though.

Hope everyone else’s runs were good today and their day off tomorrow is just what the doc ordered…


2 Responses to “Run Monkey Run!”

  1. 1 tabegl0

    “at a medium pace”? Come on, man.

  2. You like Adam Sandler, don’t act like you don’t…

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