Mondays…who needs em?


Well here we are again, the beginning of another glorious week or working, training, and life. I’m excited to see what the week holds for me! We have another week similar to last week when it comes to our schedule, in fact, I’ll attach the training schedule to this post so everyone can look at it! Anyway, in case you don’t feel like looking at it (training-plans.pdf), 3 miles on Monday and Thursday, 4 miles on Wednesday and 7 miles for our long run on Saturday.

After our soccer game last night at 10 FREAKIN’ 30 I felt surprisingly well, not tired at all as far as my legs went, my eyes were very heavy on the ride home though. It was difficult to roll out of the sack this morning too. Oh well, if I don’t show up to sit in my cube, who will? So, I’m here, taking my first ‘smoke break’ of the morning eager to grab a red bull and get this thang started. Happy Monday to all, and look for yet another fulfilling post after my run this evening…


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