So…this Nike+ system has been nothing short of awesome for me, as a motivator, a fun gadget, and a nice running log.  Well today I am NOT happy with it.  I went to the gym today to knock out my 4 miles.  Everything went good, I felt great during the run, still feel great after the run…the run was fantastic, surprising for the treadmill.  When I got back to the office and went to upload my run data, iTunes prompted me that there was an update for my Nano…so i just went ahead and downloaded/installed it…well that was a MISTAKE…it erased my latest run data before it uploaded it.  NOT happy about that…I do remember that it was 4.01 miles at exactly 9 min per mile…which I was proud of and excited to upload.  Now my goal is going to be thrown off and everything’s just a mess.  Crap.  Live and learn I guess…now I know to pause the download of the firmware until AFTER I upload my run data.

Derek and all the other Nike+ users that might be reading this, take heed, this is painful to go through…

Happy running everyone.


One Response to “Pissed.”

  1. I would be ticked too man… But you should no better the morons at Apple take every chance they can to delete everything on your devices as if the stuff on them wasn’t important to you or something… what ever…

    I’m going to spend my time here at work today setting up a journal here i’ll send you a link once i got one.

    Keep up the good work man!

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