Rain Delay


I had planned on running my 3 miles at the gym today, but as a change of pace I had quite a bit to do at work today so that idea got canned.  So I thought no big deal the temperature is going to be mild tonight, I’ll just knock 3 miles out tonight at the house.  Well it was just down right nasty out, rainy, etc.  So I made the decision that I’ll push my 3 miles back until tomorrow afternoon.  Shouldn’t be a big deal, we’ll see if I regret it come Saturday morning.  If so, I’ll just have to push through the 7 miles with a little more fatigue than I would’ve had if I had sucked it up and ran in the rain.  No big deal.

My hip is giving me a little trouble during normal moving around.  I’m interested to see how the condition of it progresses.  Hopefully it gets better and not worse.  We’ll see.  Sleep well everyone.

In the words of Jay-Z, holla hovito.


9 Responses to “Rain Delay”

  1. 1 zachjacobs

    You needed to get your butt out there and run. Some of us would be grateful to get out there in that kind of weather!

  2. 2 tabegl0

    you are right, that would have been terrible if you would have gotten wet. You might have melted. You know you always have me around for some tough love, whether you like it or not. Oh well, knock it out today and we’ll see how it effects you on saturday.

  3. Tough love is a given from you, T. I’ll nail the 3 miler today and be back on track, broham. Z, I know buddy I know…you’ll be back in action next week hopefully…

  4. 4 cfarley

    I’m wondering, if it rains on April 26th, will they let you run on Sunday instead?

  5. Ouch, but deserved I guess…big deal.

  6. Take a run in the rain man good for the soul it will put hair on your chest as my scout master use to say when were leaving for a hike in a down pour (it happened many times). Some of my best runs were in the rain.

    Get back on track and dont let it get you down.

    I did a 5K on a treadmill in 26mins this morn.

  7. 8 brumagen

    What up Monkey!?! Well man I am feeling ya, not so much because of the rain but travel sort of botched up the run schedule for me this week. I just got back from the gym myself. Got the 3 in…but tired. My advice get rested tonight and we will roll out the 7 tomorrow!

  8. 9 papacrouse

    I ran in the shower today…slipped on the soap and about broke my toe-nail off.

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