Your Support


As readers of this glorious blog, you have a duty…well a couple of them. One, keep reading…ok maybe three duties…two, hit me up with comments, I love getting them, and hearing what you all think about what I have to say, and three…support me in trying to achieve my goal for St. Jude. It’s quite a personal goal to have to run 26.2 miles…aside from those of you running with me, it’s a much easier to just sit back, click a few times and BOOM, you’ve helped me reach a different goal that will motivate me EVEN more to taste sweet victory of crossing the finish line on April 26. Thanks in advance, again, I love you all.

There’s a link to the right that will get you started!

Tomorrow’s Friday!


One Response to “Your Support”

  1. Hey man i sent a little support to St. Jude for yah!

    I’ll support you tonight with a 5K run on a treadmill.

    Running Song Of The Day: SEND THE PAIN BELOW – Chevelle

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