rocky.jpg7 miles…dunzo. Feel great! Hip bothered me for about the first 1.5 miles, that went away, then my calves burned until about mile 3, oh, had to P at mile 2 (thank goodness for Masterson Station porta potties) after that it was smooth sailing for the duration of the run. Makes me that more pumped for next week’s 9 miles. I’ll be straight up, I never ever thought I would be this excited to run. I mean as those of you from work know, I was totally against this thing when it was first brought up. Lesson learned. We missed ya ZP, Chuck, and the others that are in this thing and didn’t make it out…see ya next week I hope!

Week 2 in the books…here’s to week three! Happy running everyone.

PS – Go cats!

PSS, or is it PPS? whatever – Our route that we ran (this one) contains the same 4 miles that D and I ran where I had the ‘incident’ with the mail receptacle…that thing was eying me hard as we passed it, but I refrained from another sure to be failed attempt at clearing it. Just in case you were wondering…


8 Responses to “Booyeah!”

  1. 1 papacrouse

    Great run buddy…I am still a little disappointed you didn’t attempt the mailbox hurdle again. You don’t mind staining my new running gear, but when you’re wearing your own new gear it’s a different story…j/k…but not really

  2. Come on man…I know that that spill had to look sweet A but it also hurt pretty bad. I offered to wash your gear, you wouldn’t let me! Solid run today, feeling great, you? Anyone? Hello??

  3. 3 MOnkey's Mom

    I am so proud that you just “eyed” the mailbox this time. Good run and great determination. You all are doing well – probably the first 2 weeks were the hardest to get through and the easiest to quit on! This is quite a goal you have set – stick with your “smart” training and do what is right so you can get trhough it. Listen to those aches and pains and if they get worse or hurt differently – check it out with a Doctor – do not let it go! Love you Son.

  4. 4 zachjacobs

    Awesome man. I’m glad to see at least someone at 1100 Augusta drive can run 7 miles…way to represent the lawrenceburgers! It’s great that your hip pain went away after a while…but from what I remember that’s the first time that it has hurt when you were running right? Just keep your eye on the prize and don’t be afraid to take a few days off it is bothering you too much.

  5. 5 zachjacobs

    p.p.s. (post post script) duh!

    that pic is priceless man. We all need to get our own pics taken like that.

  6. Mom – thank you for your well wishes and your looking out for me (still) about making the proper decisions. I can always count on ya for that! 🙂 I think the team would really benefit from a home cooked meal at some point during our training…hint hint.

    Z – Yeah seems like I’m the only half-way healthy Lawrenceburger, at least at 1100 Augusta. You two need to rest and get back in the game, you’re missing out. And good looking out on your part too on the p.p.s. But why the ‘duh!’? Come on man.

  7. 7 MOnkey's Mom

    I would be honored to cook a meal for such a deserving team of runners! Best thing to do is just put it on the calendar and go for it! How about Sunday February 3rd? Say around 6:00 or so? Let me know how many can come so I’ll know how much chicken to fry!

    Be safe this week – going to be cold – be smart!

    Much love,

  8. 8 Rabbits.Girl

    I have to agree with your mom on this one, good job on not trying to hurdle the mailbox! I even brought that up before you ran! I will be honest though…I really really wish I could have seen it. Looks like Derek was the only one fortunate enough for that : )

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