Have you ever just felt like you’re good for nothing, nobody likes you, and you just don’t matter?  Well, I haven’t and I hope I never do.  But for those of you that have, I’m very sorry and just remember that no matter what someone loves you.

But on a lighter note, I fell asleep last night as soon as I got home from work (around 6pm), woke up long enough to eat some leftover Raisin’ Canes that Hope brought over, then went back to sleep until this morning.  SO, I didn’t run or do any studying.  I just was worn out from the big win UK had over Tennessee that I partook in (yes, even though I came into work late and everything, whatever).  SO, i’ve got my work cut out for me tonight, Z and I are going to the gym right after work, I’m going to knock out my 4 miles then, and get the 3 that is scheduled for today out of the way early tomorrow afternoon.  Looking forward to the 9 on Saturday

Jan 26
20 %

There’s the weather as of now, hopefully that holds up!  We aren’t running until 9:30 this Saturday so it should be a little warmer.  Keep your fingers crossed.  In case you were wondering today in 1927 Alfred Hitchcock released his first film “The Pleasure Garden”.



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