Frustrating beyond belief…


You know that feeling when you lean back in a chair to the point where you almost fall over but then right at the last second you catch yourself? I feel like that all the time. Except last night…I didn’t feel like that. As you may have already read in Z’s blog, we went to Urban Active last night to work out. I ran, he elipticled. There were 3 treadmills open out of 437, one had an out of order sign on it, one just wouldn’t come on and the other one…well…it worked. I had never ran on these treadmills at the Palumbo version of UA, these things are like rocketships, flat panel monitors for controls, macgyver.jpgthe works. I got the thing going with little trouble, the only problem was I couldn’t get the stupid thing to switch from km to mi…you talk about frustrating. Wow. I mean I like to consider myself decent in math, but I can’t convert those units in my head. So how fast is 10km/hr? I can’t judge that, but that’s about what I ran. Luckily I had my nike+ so I had a clue what was going on. It’s just the fact that I felt like that treadmill was laughing at me the whole time I was running. “Haha! I bet you wish you could just look at the screen and tell how far you’ve gone, don’t ya?!” I could hear Murdock saying that, I named the treadmill Murdock because it sounds like an evil villian (queue MacGyver theme song). Anyway, every single time I looked down at the screen for my time, because that’s the only thing that has a universal unit, I just glanced at my distance or my speed and cringed. So I thought to myself, I’ll just put it on full-screen mode and watch TV…HA! Well I got it to full screen mode with just the channel control in the upper right hand corner, I thought I had this thing licked now, NOPE, every time I tried to hit the channel down button I would accidentally hit the ‘settings’ button so it would take me back to the status screen, another virtual slap to the face. Whatever…I’m over that, next time I will be sure that the treadmill is set to freakin’ miles before I ever get on it.

As for the run, it went well…4 miles exactly at about a 10min/mi pace. I didn’t bring my iPod in this morning, I’ll upload tonight after my make-up 3miler. Can’t wait for the 9 on Saturday!

Go see Rambo tonight, I’ll be there.


2 Responses to “Frustrating beyond belief…”

  1. 1 cfarley

    Murdock – I thought Murdock was the crazy guy that they always had to break out of the mental ward on “The A-Team” Nobody could figure him out either. Well, the analogy still work. It’s a jungle in there! Way to persevere and push through. I’m going to have to go and try this treadmill thing next week to see if I can up my pace a little.

  2. Well, for any true MacGyver fan…like myself…Murdock was one of MacGyver’s return enemies. I think A-team was before my time by a few years…

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