Shoo Wee


boston_marathon2007.jpgCAUGHT UP!  The three miles today weren’t TOO bad, but I could tell that I had ran 7 miles and played a soccer game in 2 days.  Oh well, nobody’s fault but my own.  Still looking forward to tomorrow, but from now on I’m going to try my very best to give myself a full day’s rest before our long runs.  I have a feeling Sunday will have very little leg movement associated with it.  Now on to an afternoon full of studying and relaxing.  Hope everyone gets plenty of rest tonight (if you’re a runner, or really if you’re not a runner, i don’t know) and I’ll see some of you in the morning!


4 Responses to “Shoo Wee”

  1. Get a little rest how long is your long run this weekend?

  2. 2 cfarley

    Well Done Bud! Sometimes it takes more courage and determination to shake off failure and get back on the right road again. There, now there are only two left for me to give a well deserved pat on the back. Just 9 miles tomorrow and a rest day and week three is in the books.

  3. 3 Vickie

    I can’t wait to get up and read about your daily run. I really think you need to be wearing a T-Shirt from Fit Time that have it is all about me on it….LOL Just kidding. Good Luck and we are very proud of you. If your Mom goes the day of the run I am going to try and go with her. Hey you might be on TV again…

    Love Vickie

  4. Vickie,
    I’m glad I can provide you with a little entertainment for your morning-time. Thank you for the word of encouragement and reading my blogs! I write them for me, but I direct them at whoever may be reading. It’s fun to get the comments. I look forward to seeing you on the sideline on April 26th!

    Chuck E Fresh,
    Appreciate the pat, keep em coming and I’ll do my best to dish them out as we proceed down this road. Keep your head up, you’re an inspiration for us all – you by far have the most commitments of any of us and are still giving this thing 100%.

    I can always count on you for a word here and there. I’m glad to hear you’re back in the running game, hopefully those knees hold up for ya and you can get in a race here and there, even if it’s a shorty. It’s all about that finish line, bud. Keep me posted on your progress, as I’m sure you will.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

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