The Day After…


So, here I sit in my desk chair, where I’ve been for about 85% of the day.  I woke up this morning…which is a good thing…that means I must be stronger, isn’t that how it works?  I was a little hesitant to move my legs in fear that they might’ve either fallen off throughout the night, or would be in such pain that I would yell and wake Z up.  I gave in and stretched them out…ahhhh!  Glorious soreness.  But it wasn’t bad, not bat at all even.  I could tell that I had done something yesterday, but I didn’t think I was as sore as I should be.  Like D bone said in his blog, the person that came up with the training schedule must’ve really known what they were talking about.  I think that’s the sole reason that we are all making such awesome progress.  Props to the creator and props to Tay for picking that one out of all the others.  I’ve even deviated from it the past couple weeks by a day and it’s still got me prepared for the long runs.  I’m happy about that.  Today was a glorious day weather-wise, too bad TODAY wasn’t a long run day, or even a run day for that matter.  Oh well, indoor soccer tonight should be enough of a workout.  Holler.


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