Monday’s run was pretty tough for me. Just an easy 3 miles, right? Well…not exactly…Z and I set out for the run with high hopes that shorts and just a long sleeve UA shirt would be enough to battle the 47 degree temperatures. The first half mile, we were wrong. The rest of the run we were right. My dang Nike+ screwed up again and wouldn’t let me pause when we stopped at .5 miles to stretch. I had to restart the iPod and lost the record of the first half mile. Oh well, we both know we ran it but if I can ever get my data to upload again my 3 mile run will show up at 2.5. Anyway…I started this run hungry, BAD IDEA. I didn’t want to eat anything because I was going over to mom’s for a home-cooked meal that night. I ended up getting pretty weak and not feeling well by the end of the run. Can’t wait for 5 miles tonight. Going to be a brisk one, baby. More to come after that…tootles (D stole that from me). Jerk.

I think I might be getting sick, chest congestion…keep you posted.  Mucinex here I come.


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