Well, here I am…first time out of bed since about 4pm yesterday.  The only reason I got up was to give my back some relief of laying in the bed, it was hurting pretty bad.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have little men in your chest with garden rakes scraping the inside of your chest every time you take a deep breath or cough (especially cough)…well I have that going on right now.  It all started Wednesday of last week with some chest congestion that progressed on to just pure pain around Friday afternoon sometime.  By Friday night I was miserable.  The mucinex-D was helping quite a bit but the pain from coughing could not be masked.  Z and I had a sleep over at Greg’s house since we were going to be in Lexington late anyway Friday night, plus it’s a 53 minute drive from L-burg to his place.  It just made sense.  When I woke up Saturday morning I felt pretty bad in my chest but everything else was ok, no headache or fatigue, no real aches at all other than my chest and those dang little guys in there that thought the insides of my lungs were oak tree leaves every time I coughed.  I was already at Greg’s and everyone was going to show up in about 30 minutes, so I decided to tough it out and just hope and pray that I didn’t cough the whole time.  Run started out pretty miserable, I found out shortly after the beginning that not only coughing but deep breaths or swallowing also lit a fire under the little rake bearing men.  So needless to say this run was going to be one of my least favorites, if I had only known what was in store…we continued on dodging traffic and pot holes.  After about the first couple miles I started to feel OK, I had a breathing routine down that didn’t cause me too much chest pain, and maybe the mucinex was pumping through me at this point.  My legs felt great, in fact everything felt great besides, well you know.  I pushed on UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN the FEW hills…BS Greg, BS.  The second to last hill that every one is talking about is nothing shy of Mt. Everest.  I mean I’m pretty sure I would have trouble getting up that thing in my truck.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite that bad, and I sure was happy to get to the top of it…it was the smaller hill after it that just about did me in.  I didn’t realize we were so close to being done at this point so discouragement was starting to set in having these hills all come at the end of the run.  I began to have difficulty catching my breath for the first time since training began.  I think my lung capacity was probably down some due to the displacement of air by the dang rakers, or the fact that I had an infection in there, either way.  ANYWAY, the run was over at this point, I was hurting pretty considerably and drove from 6970 Grimes Mill Rd. to the health clinic here in Lawrenceburg where I was perscribed a Z-pak and hopefully would be on my way to 100%.

It’s now 11:19am on Sunday, I’ve taken my initial dose of 2 pills as of about 4pm yesterday and don’t really feel all that much better, in fact I woke up feeling worse, some aches and pains…I’m afraid I might have a fever, some ear pain and a slight headache.  Needless to say, I’m far from 100% at this point.  I plan on taking it easy today, which sucks for the Super Bowl, but what can ya do?  Hopefully I can make it back to work tomorrow and maybe just miss one day of training.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope you’ll do the same for me!

I appreciate the props I got from the papa and the brumagen, not to mention anyone else that threw my name in their blog, I’m not going to be TOO modest and say it wasn’t any big deal, because I was in pain, a pain you don’t want to be in when you’re running.  But I did do it and I’m glad I did so.  See you guys tomorrow, I hope…


3 Responses to “Yuk”

  1. 1 MOnkey's Mom

    My Poor sick Baby! But what spunk! I am so sorry about those dang rakers in your chest – Be smart – stay down until you are better – let the medicine work – sleep – drink plenty of fluids – and perhaps let that gal of yours take care of you a bit! No one told you this training thing would be easy – kind of like when you were in school – KEEP YOUR EYE on the PRIZE! Your Moma loves you – I’ll bring soup if you need me to!

  2. Way to have the metal to put your nose to the grind wheel and pound it out! Props man Props. Rest up, get those lungs clear, and then keep on pounding it out.

  3. 3 zachjacobs

    Hang in there busy and get rested up!! I’d try to look at your sickness as a reason to rest up for a few days. Try to stay motivated and don’t push yourself too hard when your sick :).

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