Long time no blog…


Hello.  Well today was the farthest we’ve ran to date.  Overall, good.  Where I was sick the beginning of last week I didn’t get my 3 miles in on Monday, thought that was best.  So my first run of this week was the 5 miles on Wednesday, that one went pretty good…but I developed some pain in my left knee.  It was behind the knee, in my knee-pit, if you will.  Ya know, like your arm pit, only with your knee…ya feel me?  Anyway, I’m not sure what caused that, Cathy (mech engineer at work, NOT a doctor) said she had similar pain and that it was a bursa sack around a tendon leaking fluid.  I’m not sure if that was it or not…but it’s better now, so no worries from that part of the body.  I ran my 3 miles on Thursday before our soccer game and that went pretty well, had a little pain in the knee after that, but nothing like after the 5 miles on Wednesday.  During the soccer game I had some pain in my right quad, now that was annoying.  It was like someone had frogged me right there and it wouldn’t go away.  I took Friday completely off so I could be well rested for today.  I think that was a wise choice.We started off at LCC, in the same lot we started in for our 9 miler, but took off the opposite way.  Through the arboretum and back through some neighborhoods in the Landsdowne area.  Here is a link to our route:  MapMyRun  It was a really nice run, props to Taylor for laying that one out.  It’s amazing to think about the ground we cover on these longer runs.  I listened to the UK/Alabama game during the majority of our run, which really helped the miles pass quickly.  Seemed like before I knew it we were already done with 8 miles and the cats were on cruise control to win our 5th straight SEC game.  Pretty sweet.  My quad was acting up pretty bad and giving me quite a bit of trouble throughout the last 2-3 miles.  It wasn’t unbearable, but it wasn’t what you would call comfortable, either.  I fought through and made it…don’t worry.  Now, about 3 hours after the run and 3 tylenols later I’m good to go.  Happy this one is in the books and excited for the longer mid-week runs and 13 next week.  Bring on the pain.  Hope everyone has a glorious Saturday night and a relaxing Sunday.  Take ‘er easy.


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