Easy 5/Vote for Pedro/13 miles of hills


I’m about 3 runs behind in posting, so I thought I’d knock them all out right now in one nice, easy to read, clean, fun, interesting, glorious blogsee.  So last Wednesday we were scheduled to run 5 miles…these 5 were pretty uneventful and came surprisingly easy.  Ran at the gym on the treadmill so I could get a little workout in after.  This whole situation went well and good.

You’re probably wondering what the ‘Vote for Pedro’ is about in the title of this blog…well sit back and relax cause I’ma bout to hit ya with it.  I didn’t get to run on Thursday seeing as it was Valentine’s day plus I had to stop by the funeral home after work for a visitation…It was either the visitation or the run, so I opted to postpone the run until Friday, pay my respects, then come home and spend some Valentine’s day time with Hope Elizabeth.  🙂  ANYWAY…I busted over to the gym after work on Friday (11:30am is quitting time for us at MH on Friday, reason enough to get your engineering degree and work there) grabbed a half of a sammich at Panera (I was starving like marvin, girllll), went into the gym and tried something new.  I decided to try out the cardio theatre they have at the Palomar Urban Active.  This was the worst mistake I’ve made in a long time.  First off, it’s dark in there – i’m not a fan of treadmill work in the dark, I quickly found out.  Second off the movie they were playing was some 80’s garbage that made me want to lay down behind the treadmill and let my face rub on the belt for the duration of my run, third and probably most importantly it was about 10,000 degrees in there.  I knew we had a record distance coming up the next morning so I wasn’t trying to push myself speed wise, however I was forced to just to get as many miles knocked out as I could in as short amount of time possible.  It’s safe to say I was miserable in there.  Why didn’t I leave and go to another area to run, you ask?  I’m hard-headed and like to have something to complain about, sike…I just didn’t feel like stopping and trying to start back up again.  I suffered through 2.99 miles and called it quits.  I wasn’t really feeling running anyway but I am glad I did knock a few miles out, probably best anyway seeing as the 13 miles on Saturday was a beast (more to come on that in a minute).  As for the Napoleon Dynamite reference, after I left the cardio cinema room I found a little area where I could stretch, well since the heat was borderline unbearable in that room I was sweating profusely, mostly from my dome.  So I came home, after attempting to figure out our route for Saturday, and immediately cut my hair and took a cold shower.  Just like good ole pedro did in the movie.  As I was bent over stretching my legs sweat was literally running off of my fo’head, yuk.  Anyway…that run didn’t go great, but I did it.

hills-20.jpgNow, as for yesterday…13 miles behind Kenneland.  I was pumped to embark on this little adventure because it was the farthest run we’ve tackled so far.  Talyor and I attempted to drive the route we had mapped out on Friday afternoon, but that wasn’t happening, we found that one of the roads we were to run on was gated and impassible.  So an out-and-back route was decided on and accepted.  There were numerous, almost constant hills throughout the run which I thought was a little crazy, but I also know that the map-my-run didn’t really show such an adventure ahead, it was a little misleading so to speak.  I know a lot of my other teammates really get excited over these hills we’re running, but I don’t really see the point in killing ourselves and over training quite so much.  Just as a forewarning, I will not be running out at Greg’s if the team decides to do that death run again (2X).  Haha.  I’ll pull a ZP and go lonesome dove that week if everyone else really wants to run out there, I’m not going to hold them back.  Anyway, we got the 13 in the books and I’m ready for another week of training and the 15 that lies ahead next Saturday.  Now off to an exciting Sunday afternoon of studying, laundry, and relaxing.  HOLLLLEEERRRRRR!

PS – I meant to type Talyor and not Taylor.


4 Responses to “Easy 5/Vote for Pedro/13 miles of hills”

  1. 1 tabegl0

    What is this “Taylor” you speak of?
    Talk to you later,

  2. 2 cfarley

    I am thinking that you may not have to go alone. Although I actually didn’t hate the run on Saturday, I am running to finish so over-training is not really my preferred method. What’s wrong with a little flat ground now and again?

  3. 3 Bobby

    I am going to come up with a route that loops around Overbrook Farm. It’ll be just as scenic, but the hills are much more gradual (like we will be doing in the marathon). David said he’d be interested in a route around Overbrook, so join up with us and don’t go lonesome dove!

  4. good stuff on the Taylor, Talyor.

    sounds good C-Fresh and B-obby…we’ll figure something out before Saturday, that’s fa sho…fa sho!

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