cat.jpgFebruary 21, 2008.  Good, solid, day.  This week has been pretty good so far, a little slow at work so that’s getting old…not TOO productive studying-wise…really going to have to play catch up this weekend.  Other than that, Big Brother 9 is heating up quick, I’m having fun watching that.  The Evanator won American Gladiators…as expected.  UK beat Georgia, and looked pretty good doing it…that was good.   We celebrated Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays, got wild for that…NOT.  Just a pretty eventful week I guess.

As for running, Monday Z and I biked at Palomar for a while then I lifted some weights and we headed out.  I liked that as a change of pace, felt good on the legs to work some different parts of them for a change.  Ran 6 miles last night after work, we started at the office and headed out High street to one of DD’s neighborhoods…which is basically any neighborhood in Lexington, so that doesn’t really narrow it down.  Anyway, the run went well, I think yesterday was the first realization that this training is REALLY working, a month and a half ago, if you had told me that I would be running 6 miles after work and hardly breaking a sweat I’d call you crazy.  Last night I almost froze though, and it really wasn’t all THAT cold.  I’m not sure what our pace was, my iPod said 10:16, Derek’s said 9:05 minute miles…he stopped his when we stopped at road crossings and I didn’t, hence the descrepency.  Doesn’t really matter, knocked out the 6 miles and am ready for the 4 today which will be on a treadmill, yay!  You probably won’t hear from me until after our 15 on Saturday…so good luck with everything.


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