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10 miler


Race went good, body ran real good, I don’t know what to do with my hands.  Had some knee pain, no bigs, foot felt ok, inserts really helped.  Race experience was really cool and made me look forward to reading everyone’s shirts on marathon day.  See ya there. Advertisements

17 is over and in the books. no big deal really…got a little hungry at the end…needed a peanut butter sammich or something similar to that. Me, Bob, and Z ran a lot faster than i thought we would. my legs got pretty tight on the ride home but other than that i’m feeling good…shouldn’t […]



Run today was good, real good, legs ran good.  I don’t know what to do with my hands.  The beginning of the run was a little dangerous due to fast moving traffic and not much of a shoulder.  No big deal though, we survived.  I think I came pretty close to the ‘runner’s high’ that […]

Hard to believe that we’ve been running for 5 weeks, isn’t it fellas?  Well we have, actually 5 weeks and one day done.  Crazy.  Last night’s run was alright…when I started I did not feel like running, I just felt ‘off’.  Not sure what it was, but I continued on and pounded out the 4 […]



Well, after several days off from running I got back at it. 5 miles at the Urban Active over in Palomar. Z and I were going to run outside but didn’t feel like fighting the wind. Plus it’s warmer inside. Ha! Knocked out the 5 miles in 50 minutes. Right on pace. Last night after […]

Back At It


Well I haven’t ran in 3 full days, perhaps the longest I’ve gone since we started this thing.  I plan on jumping right back in today/tonight and knocking out 5 miles.  I’ll do that, then 3 tomorrow, then 3 more after that on Friday.  Me running on a Friday, imagine that…but the way I look […]

Shoo Wee


CAUGHT UP!  The three miles today weren’t TOO bad, but I could tell that I had ran 7 miles and played a soccer game in 2 days.  Oh well, nobody’s fault but my own.  Still looking forward to tomorrow, but from now on I’m going to try my very best to give myself a full […]



Have you ever just felt like you’re good for nothing, nobody likes you, and you just don’t matter?  Well, I haven’t and I hope I never do.  But for those of you that have, I’m very sorry and just remember that no matter what someone loves you. But on a lighter note, I fell asleep […]



So…this Nike+ system has been nothing short of awesome for me, as a motivator, a fun gadget, and a nice running log.  Well today I am NOT happy with it.  I went to the gym today to knock out my 4 miles.  Everything went good, I felt great during the run, still feel great after […]

Well here we are again, the beginning of another glorious week or working, training, and life. I’m excited to see what the week holds for me! We have another week similar to last week when it comes to our schedule, in fact, I’ll attach the training schedule to this post so everyone can look at […]